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News | Pubblicato il 11 luglio 2013


è il progetto ambient del sound artist britannico Dennis Huddleston. Il nuovo lavoro uscirà ufficialmente il 6 agosto e si intitola Shadow Play. E’ disponibile lo streaming sulla sua pagina bandcamp. Ecco cosa dice l’artista a proposito del nuovo album:

“After finishing Lithea in January 2012, I had completely burnt myself out from making music, both physically and creatively. I took a year out and made no tunes at all during this time. Around January 2013, I bought some new gear, invested time in my studio, removed all distractions around me and started work on what would eventually be a new 36 album. I got myself into the mind frame I did when I quit my day job 5 years ago and started work on my début, Hypersona; no expectations, no pressure, no bullshit. Just making music for fun again. 6 months later, “Shadow Play” was finished. I think it includes some of the best pieces of music I have worked on and I’m excited that people can finally hear it”

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