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Interviste | Pubblicato il 21 settembre 2014

Mute Fores

Abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi un nuovo interessante progetto. Si tratta di Mute Forest, moniker del musicisita statunitense Kael Smith (frontman dei Mombi). Ispirato dalle sue terre d’origine del Colorado, Kael Smith con il nuovo progetto propone un suono prevalentemente elettronico che vuole unire ricerca e sperimentazione con trame meditative e trasognate. Two Songs From a Lake Floor è la prima uscita ufficiale e contiene due brani.

Mute Forest - WRF Press Photo V3

Vi presentiamo, in anteprima, un brano dal nuovo ep di William Ryan Fritch della serie Leave Me Sessions Subscription Series (via Lost Tribe Sound) e che conterrà varie collaborazioni, remix e B-sides. Mute Forest ha contribuito al brano “Break Light”.  Dopo lo streaming vi proponiamo una breve intervista (in lingua inglese) a Mute Forest che vi aiuterà a conoscere meglio il progetto.

Let’s Start with the collaboration with William Ryan Fritch. What about it?

A few months ago Will sent me some audio tracks that didn’t make the final cut of his song “Half Awake in Slow Motion”.  Unsurprisingly (Will is insanely prolific and I’m convinced bionic) there was something like 30+ plus tracks of fully fleshed out instrumentation to work from. So I agreed to take some of those tracks and see if I could build something new out of it. From the outset, my main goal was to create something that wouldn’t sound instantly familiar as either of our current projects and instead try to find some uncharted territory and get us out of our comfort zones. I took samples out of his drum kit and vocal tracks to build the main groove for the song. The very first vocal you hear is Will’s original multi tracked harmonies pitched down into a more demonic range. From there I layered guitars, synths with Will laying all the brass and horns. I wrote the lyrics as more of a response to his original lyrics in “Half Awake…”; a method that was unusual for me but I think led to some interesting passages. I guess I like to think of the track as a kind of alternate-universe companion piece to “Half Awake…”

“Two Songs From a Lake Floor” is your first solo release. Your music seems have various directions: there is an experimental side that meets a melodic one. Is this the main line of your music?

I treat Mute Forest more like a place I go to rather than a project I do. When I write a Mute Forest song it’s from this world I’ve created in my mind. It’s a dilapidated forest. I walk around its trees; I take swims in its one lake, and I write songs from the porch of the cabin I own there.

What about your remix work? Is it in your interests field? How do you approach to re-work a song?

I’m pretty new to the remix world. And from what I’ve noticed, there’s a lot of shit out there. So for me to partake in a remix I must be A). Floored by the original and B). Actually think I can contribute something valuable without tarnishing the original (which is rare).

Will be there a solo full-lenght in the near future?

Yes! I’m glad you asked. Just finished the mastering with Taylor Deupree at 12k. It’s called Deforestation. We’re shooting for early 2015 on Lost Tribe Sound. I’m currently finishing up an EP to be released sometime before the release of Deforestation.

What about live solo shows? What is your idea of live show in connection with your music and compared to studio work?

Playing live is a part of the process I’ve been slow to embrace. I spend so much time in the studio and trying to hone my song-craft and mixing abilities that by the time I’ve completed something (and usually much before) I have little desire to re-visit it. But with this full length wrapping up, I’ve kind of undergone a sort of sea change. I don’t know if it’s this batch of songs or what, but I am intrigued by the idea of trying to make them translate into a live setting. I’m intrigued because I think it would be very difficult.

Last question. What about your group project Mombi? Any news about it?

Mombi is always lurking. I wrote almost all of Deforestation while we were grinding though the sessions for our latest EP, Turning Witch. That was a really hard EP to make. Writing the Mute Forest songs kept me moving forward during that time. But I am really proud of the songs on the EP and I think we had to go though those growing pains to get to where we want to go next.

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