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Interviste | Pubblicato il 21 gennaio 2015

Vi avevamo presentato in più occasioni i Second Moon of Winter, collettivo di musicisti proveniente dall’Irlanda e nuova scoperta della Denovali Records. L’album di debutto si intitola One For Sorrow, Two For Joy. Vi abbiamo presentato “Come Around” e “Cigarette”, il primo singolo estratto che metteva in evidenza l’arrangiamento ruvido, trattenuto e frastagliato e la vocalità lirica accentuata.

Abbiamo fatto una chiacchierata via mail con la cantante del gruppo Kim Sheehan per approfondire alcuni aspetti della loro musica.

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Second Moon of Winter is a young project? How was it born and how did you reach Denovali Records?

Second Moon of Winter was the baptism of our music studio/band room in Ireland. Tom, Ari and I wanted to jump right in there and write something that was a collaborational statement of our individual musical paths and since Tom was a member of Piano Interrupted, another Denovali project, we felt they would be the perfect choice.

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy is your first album. What is the concept behind the album, if there is one and what is your purpose when you started to think about it?

The plan was to record live improvisations using our main instruments, voice, guitar and clarinet and then the concept quickly revealed itself as an evocation of us turning ourselves inside out, using discordant motifs, varying instrumental tehniques and ambient analog pedal boards on an ever shifting harmonic plate.

Genres Contamination and experimentation seems to be the lead peculiarity of your music. Is it Correct? What is your definition of experimentation in music?

Your music seems “to breathe” cinema atmosphere. Are there Films o Directors that inspired your music? Soundtrack writing can be a future evolution of your project?

Our familirity with musical genres inspires our creativity, which in-turn informs how we react to eachother and what we throw back into the mix, so, yes, expreimentation for us, is cross- genre-contamination. That said, we simply want the room to come alive with a picture and we want the listener to experience what we are experiencing, so writing a sound track would be a natural progression for us.

What about live shows? How do you conceive your live shows compared to studio sessions?

We recorded One For Sorrow, Two For Joy completely live in the studio, so playing live in a gig setting won’t be much different, but we will take the structure of the songs and imrpovise around them. Performance wise, our aim will be to create an ethereal atmosphere on a knife edge and to bend the audiences ear to a different sonic.

Did you plan a tour to present your album? Are there some dates to come?

For now we will celebrate the launch of the Album with a gig in our home town of Cork in Ireland in February and yes, we are planning a tour, so watch this space!

Last Questions. If you have to suggest one artist or 2014 album that you really appreciate, what would it be?

Tom is particularly into Bryce Dessner at the moment.

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