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Interviste | Pubblicato il 11 febbraio 2015

Vi abbiamo parlato più volte di Sima Kim, sound-artist sudcoreano che ha esplorato più stili di elettronica: dalle fratture ambient di  Debris agli esperimenti di Varations for Music Box sino alla “witch-music” di Silhouette. Il 2015 vedrà il suo ritorno con nuovi lavori. Lo abbiamo contattato via mail per approfondire alcuni aspetti della sua musica.

Sima Kim

“Freudvoll und Leidvoll” is your latest release. It is Right? Are you workingfor new projects? What about?

Yes and one more unofficial countryside compilation (wist rec) nowadays i’m preparing to release myself & american green’s first full length
album call “dorothy” new re-worked unreleased song of “music for dorothy” EP + composed more songs and there are some modification of “music for dorothy” also. and also i can’t miss to mention a unit with ryuei kotoge. hopefully listen you soon of course i’m making my solo works too.

You explored various fields of electronic music in your albums. What is the direction of your music now? What are you into?

Quite complicated. you know, i studied musicology/music theory before and nowadays i study sonology in the netherlands. all things are related with conservatorism and this is what i love and where i started. but at the same time, from my EP “Ur Silhouette”, i started to explore rhythmic elements too – even freudvoll und leidvoll & unofficial countryside is released after “Ur Silhouette”, they are composed before “Ur Silhouette”. original concept – or concept of Ur Silhouette” is adding rhythm under my soundscape. but it took me another dimension and showed me new world such as hiphop, dubstep, bass and so on. - also i started to play a DJ after that EP, and somewhat i’m influenced by dance music scene like jersey club, future bass, and so on. honestly i’m overwhelmed with them, but i would like to go one step further with these stuffs.

What about the concept of experimentation related to your way to make music?

so far, i confined myself to my concept or world. but where i study now, who teaches me now liberated me from my limitation. so nowadays just i do what i want to do. but at the same time, i still keep my fundamental concept – and what still confine restrict my self – that is obsession of beauty. i want to grab an/the essential of beauty.

How your home Country and other cultures you met (Europe, India, etc.) influenced your work?

Yes. of course. but i can’t explain even figure out what is that. that is underlying thing what we can’t see… more or less i feel that on my skin but i can’t tell you what is that.

What about soundtracks composition? It can be a field of interest for your projects?

Yes i’m eager to do soundtracks. although i did some works for promotion videos in last year, that is not enough to me.

You worked with a lot of good artists like Heidi Harris, Almeeva, yuco and others. Is there someone of your colleagues that you will like to be included in your future works?

Yes of course. always i learn something from my friends during work together and they are all good my friends before collaborator. is there more funny thing than making with good mate?

What about live shows? What places do you prefer to play and what is the difference compared to composition phase? Do You like improvisation?

I can play anywhere if there are someone who want to listen my music. still i love to play my experimental works or compositions for classical instruments in concert hall. at the same time, i really enjoy to play DJ set in front of bigger crowd. And there is always a gap between composition & performance except liveelectronic works. usually i try to compose a perfect song itself – even i have not achieved – and think later about performance as a reinterpretation. let say still i keep conventional concept of performance. and finally yes i like to do improvise in my home or with mates not in public place.

There will be any live show in the near future?

I have two gigs in den haag at early of this month and still waiting confirm mail for my berlin gig in later of this month. also my mgmt & myself is planning for Asia tour in this summer and – I’m not sure yet but – myself & lee(asano+ryuhei) is about to do a US tour in this autumn.

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