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Playlist | Pubblicato il 24 gennaio 2015

Settima e conclusiva playlist della settimana. Vi abbiamo presentato più volte gli Ummagma che hanno pubblicato recentemente un paio di ep di remix e hanno contribuito a scrivere e suonare New Born, il debutto del progetto Sounds of Sputinik (Roma Kalitkin). Il duo ucraino-canadese contribuisce ai festeggiamenti del nostro quinto anniversario con una playlist dedicata alla scena shoegaze.


Ummagma has been particularly fond of SonofMarketing – Musical Pleasures since well before the SOM Non-Label issued our Split EP with Finnish jazz postrockers Virta in 2013. Clearly one of the most forward-thinking dynamic genre-embracing blogs in Italy today, we regularly read their features and recommendations (with some help from Google). So we were thrilled when they asked us to put together a playlist of some of the tracks that we’ve been enjoying. Of course, it’s hard to squeeze everything into one playlist, but this should be enough to send listeners into a lovely electric dream-gaze drift.  We’re bringing you the best of what has graced our ears from Brazil, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Wales, Canada, the US, but start on a solid Italian note with Stella Diana and Novanta. Here you’ll also find some tracks we’ve remixed this year, because we are undoubtedly in love with the artists we work with. Grazie to SonofMarketing and a very happy anniversary to your awesome webzine.

Ecco la tracklist:

Stella Diana – Isabeau

Novanta – Best-Selling Dreams (Ummagma Remix) [Seashell Records]

Jane Woodman – Particles

Lunar Twin – Sirens

Sounds of Sputnik – Light Scheme

Echodrone – Under an Impressive Sky

Ummagma – Rotation

Slow Motion Picture – From Under Paris

Wozniak – El Maresme [Morningside Young Team Records]

A Shoreline Dream – The Heart Never Recovered [Latenight Weekend Records]

Analogue Wave – Mezkal (Ummagma Remix)

Drowner – Stay [Saint Marie Records]

Aerofall – Ups and Downs [Patetico Recordings]

Blood Lips – Paper Tiger [Ear to Ear Records]

Nameless (UA, Ternopil) – Stellar Infantries

Robsongs – Chuva de Tijolos [The Blog That Celebrates Itself]

Huge Shark – Line of Life (Ummagma Remix)

Meter Bridge – Kite

Lights That Change – Whispers in February (Mal Holmes OMD Remix) [Ear to Ear Records]

Strata Florida – Hang On [Saint Marie Records]

Her Vanished Grace – Star-Crossed

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