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News | Pubblicato il 7 ottobre 2015

Edgar Barroso è un musicista e sound-artist statunitense di origine messicane. Immersion, Absorption, Connection è il nuovo album che uscirà in questi giorni via Ravello Records. Vi proponiamo “Kuanasi Uato“, brano che mette in evidenza l’imprevidibilità del suono e i minimalismi associati al rumorismo.

On his debut Ravello Records release IMMERSION, ABSORPTION, CONNECTION., composer Edgar Barroso presents a retrospective collection of works that explore his interest with modern science and technologies, social customs, spirituality, and more, using a variety of ensemble combinations and extended techniques for an array of textures and tonal colors.

Commenting on prevailing social activities, Over-Proximity, a work in which the voices compete against each other’s seemingly disconnected phrases, addresses the hyper-connectivity and personal comparisons affected by social networking. The composer examines duration and perspective in works including Sketches of Briefness, Metric Expansion of Space, and Aion, illustrating temporal relationships and the subjectivity of time. Scientific concepts inspire much of Barroso’s music, from the study of variation and change in Morphometrics to Echoic, which features the gamelan’s unique timbre and resonance spectrum. Barroso emphasizes balance, harmony, tranquility, and resolution in works like ACU and Ataraxia, while Noemata and Kuanasi Uato emphasize discord, struggle, and instability, evoking the hardships faced in his native Mexico.

Barroso is a doctoral candidate in Music Composition at Harvard University where he worked with Hans Tutschku, Brian Ferneyhough, Helmut Lachenmann, Michael Gandolfi and Chaya Czernowin. He is Director of the Harvard Group for New Music.

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