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News | Pubblicato il 22 agosto 2015


Flora Cash è un duo statunitense-svedese che sta per pubblicare un nuovo ep. “This Breeze” è il nuovo brano che mette in mostra le trame folk in un’ottica melodica. Ecco cosa hanno dichiarato sul brano: ”We wrote and recorded This Breeze during a very transitional time in our lives. We had just gotten back to Sweden after having lived in the U.S. for a year and we were staying with Shpresa’s parents for the summer in her home town of Värnamo. For one of us, the feelings were of ‘coming home’ and the coziness of a long awaited reunion with family and old friends. For the other, the feelings were of ‘leaving home behind’ and reflecting on the distance that suddenly separates one from the very same kind of people.  This Breeze is a manifestation of our contradictory feelings colliding and ultimately – finding common ground. The song is cozy and warm… but it’s also bittersweet and melancholic. It represents the sum total of our combined feelings at the time.”

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