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News | Pubblicato il 7 gennaio 2015


Steve Roach inaugura il nuovo anno con nuovo materiale. Ha pubblicato un lungo ‘pezzo’ di 58 minuti intitolato Invisible (disponibile con la formula pay-what-you-want). Ecco le parole dell’artista che accompagnano lo streaming:

Wishing you a peaceful entry into the new year. With the momentum of the past year still churning, I hunkered down in the Timeroom over the past few cold and rain infused days and created a new long-form piece featured on Bandcamp only for the time being. A New Year’s gift to you; freshly cooked from the Timeroom to you on short order.  Deep thanks for your ongoing appreciation and support of my work.  The momentum is also fueling a long list of new releases I will announce soon. Some have been in production for a few years. New and different directions are explored“.

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